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Home loan for civil servant without contribution

Getting a home loan without having to contribute is possible when you are a civil servant, here is a complete file on this financing and the possibility of simulating it online.


Borrow without contribution when you are a civil servant

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Subscribing to a mortgage can finance two types of projects, property acquisition and/or work in real estate. Simply, to obtain a home loan, you must apply for financing and justify certain guarantees such as tenure, regular income, and if possible provide a contribution. The advantage with the status of a civil servant is to be able to profit from a professional statute better recognized by the banks, in particular those which propose financing to the employees of the public service.

The contribution, therefore, loses its importance for a borrower in the public service, especially when the latter has a significant borrowing capacity. The personal contribution is therefore not an obligation, it is an argument to claim a more attractive mortgage loan rate but a civil servant can quite obtain good conditions of repayment by starting careful negotiations. Above all, we must have a comparative approach and build on our status as a public service employee.


How to get your mortgage without contribution by being a civil servant?

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Several arguments are to be put forward with the banks to access the advantageous loan conditions. The first is quite naturally the contract of permanent official, even of a trainee. For a contractual official, other guarantees will be needed, such as a co-borrower or permanent contract to hope to obtain financing. If status matters, the ability to go into debt remains a major indicator. In France, you cannot go into debt beyond 33% and therefore you will have to be below this limit when submitting the mortgage application. If credits are already being repaid, the use of credit repurchase may be wise.

Finally, in the absence of contributions, there is an important criterion that can play on obtaining the best rates, it is the domiciliation of bank accounts. You should know that borrowers are not required, or even obliged to domiciliate their bank accounts within the bank which provides mortgage loan financing, domiciliation is only compulsory on the proposal of a preferential advantage, that the official purchaser cannot get anywhere else. This argument is enough to justify obtaining very attractive conditions and always without having contributed.


Simulate the official real estate loan without personal contribution

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To validate the obtaining of financing, it is first necessary to determine the feasibility of this in relation to the situation of the borrower. This involves filing a loan application and the simulator makes it easier to do the work. It takes into account the amount of real estate and especially the status of a civil servant to find the best loan offers within banks which offer tailor-made solutions to public service employees, taking into account their level, their category but also of their income. This simulation is carried out free of charge and without obligation.


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